Our hotel – Mimpi Manis

Mimpi Manis means Sweet Dream and that is what we wish to achieve for you.

The facility is situated on a hill and about 500 meters away from a black sandy beach. It delights with its rooftop terrasse that offers a 180° view of the ocean.

Breakfast is included in the room rate and served a la carte. Among others you can choose fresh fruit juices, pancakes, omelette and homemade jams. We also serve an authentic Balinese dinner at moderate prices on the roof top terrasse or on the terrasse in the back garden under the starlit sky. We are keen recyclers therefore refrain from using plastic and we use only local products in our cooking, partly from our back garden.

Mimpi is deliberately not equiped with TV, as life around here takes place outside. Our facility offers many wonderful corners for you to retreat and dwell undisturbed.

Whoever wishes to sleep under the starlit sky is more than welcome to do so!

Parking spaces are available for cars and mopeds but we kindly ask for collusion in advance.

Mimpi Manis can also be rented entirely for a group of up to 13 people. Perfect for Yoga classes or other seminars.

The environment

The north of Bali is great to tour even during the monsoon season since we have the least recorded precipitation on the island. Throughout the year the termperature stays around 28°C. During the Monsoon season the waterfalls in the region are the most impressive, the sea raving and you can observe most spectacular thunderstorms from afar on the roof top terrasse. Rainfalls lasting for days as are experienced in the south are not to be expected up north.

Whoever hopes to find raging life in the north will not hit pay dirt. But whoever is craving for pure paradies and wants to experience authentic Balinese life is at the right place.

For us, it is self-evident that any insults and harassment of racist,
sexist, homophobic or other kind are not accepted in Mimpi Manis!

Do you have any questions or wishes? Please contact us at any time!