what do I actually need … and what do not I really need …


If you are e.g. from the EU, USA or Australia you do not need a visa when entering Indonesia! However, the residence permit for tourist purposes is limited to 30 days (arrival and departure are also valid!) And can not be extended. For stays over 30 days, a visa on arrival must be requested directly at the airport ($ 35). This is initially valid for 30 days, but must be extended no later than 7 days before expiry at one of the Imigrasi offices (355,000 IDR). Further extensions are not possible. An exit ticket must be presented. Those who wish to stay longer can request a 60-day tourist visa (45 €) from the Indonesian consulate / embassy, ​​which can be extended 4 times by 30 days each (355,000IDR, also no later than 7 days before expiry) ). After 6 months, everyone has to leave the country. An exit ticket must be presented.For all: Upon arrival you need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.

Import regulations of medicines

In Indonesia, a very strict drug law applies, which provides for the death penalty in trade. This is not only imposed, but also enforced. It is important to know in this context that even prescription drugs are treated as drugs. These include, in particular, morphine-containing analgesics. If you need questionable medication, then you have to have your doctor issue you a certificate and always introduce the medication in the original packaging with the instruction leaflet. The certificate must include: diagnosis, drug, dosage and frequency of use. You may not introduce more than the resulting quantities. If you enter the country, you must indicate on the customs form that you are introducing medicines and presenting you with the medicines and the certificate at the red customs exit. There everything is nice and easy! Balinese are known for their friendliness, this is also in the customs area.

Buy mosquito spray at home?

No! There is a very potent spray against mosquitoes, which helps much better than this, which helps against mosquitoes. "No Bite" helps all over the world, but is also very expensive. Here in Indonesia, there is Soffell and Autan, both cost about 1 € per bottle and I have so far made very good experiences. Unfortunately they are all "chemistry-clubs" ...

Should I buy sunscreen in my home country?

The branded sunscreen from western countries is certainly more expensive here. So if you value brand, it's good to stock up on your home country! Who also likes to dodge local products can buy cheap sunscreen from Vaseline. However, there are only with the sun protection factor 30. Basically: Underestimate the sun here! Even with very cloudy skies, you quickly got a sunburn here. And he can spoil the holiday a bit already. But should it actually come to that: Aloe Vera grows here in many gardens (in our course also?), Just ask your host or someone from the reception, often they can help you! Otherwise: any cream is better than no cream, if the skin has burned. And do not forget to drink a lot!


To buy a SIM card in Indonesia is cheap and v.a. recommended for round trips to have mobile Internet. However, you have to register his number meanwhile in his name (terror-defense) and that is possibly no longer in the small shops, but only in the official centers. XL and Telkomsel are about the same size in Bali. And when you buy a SIM card, there is a package with Internet directly. But watch out that it also includes unlimited internet and not just chat, movies etc.

left-luggage offices

If you do not want to take parts of your luggage with you on trips, there are many hotels and hostels where you can store your luggage. If you do not trust that there are also storage centers at the airport (entrance to the international terminal), but also in the city, such as. balistoreluggage.com. Since I have not tested everything but, I can tell you about the quality unfortunately nothing.

Driver's license

In Indonesia you need an international driver's license! This must also be valid for small motorcycles. Even if you do not have to show this when borrowing the scooter, the police might be interested! In addition, you run the risk in the event of an accident to enjoy any insurance protection!

Overseas Health Insurance

Always and necessarily have. A travel health insurance costs small money and is in case of a case more than useful! Especially when you are on the road ...

Travel pharmacy

Do not be afraid! This country is as safe as many others. But if you want to take a travel pharmacy with you, you will find inspiration here. You can buy many medicines here also in the pharmacy.

Thermometer, paracetamol, Tiger Balm (look on the net for what it all can be used), own medication (if necessary, do not forget the certificate), Iberogast (for mild gastrointestinal problems), Buscopan (spasm remover), zinc ointment (for superficial wounds), skin disinfection for Wounds, plaster.

Wounds often heal worse in tropical heat than in their home country. So bring more patience and pay more attention to infections. For diarrheal diseases, which unfortunately are common here, let the fingers of any chemistry! Drink a lot (ginger tea with honey proves to be quite good) and let nature take its course. If mild fever comes to paracetamol, usually the complaints sound after 2 days, if not then you should then visit a doctor. Many drugs you can buy here in the pharmacy.


Always a very tiresome topic, because a recommendation in case of doubt is difficult! In any case, you should visit your doctor about 3 months before your trip with your vaccination certificate, then he can check if everything is fine, you advise and you still have enough time to possibly revitalize or get new vaccinations. Incidentally, the tropical institutes provide extensive advice, usually free of charge and also by telephone. Of course, the requirements are always very dependent on what you are looking for in Bali!

Tetanus / Diphteria: Every human being should have on this earth!

Polio, pertussis, measles-rubella-mumps: Almost everyone got in his childhood and of course makes sense here as well !

Influenza: A classic droplet infection. If you do not see any need in your home country, you do not need to see them here.

Rabies: Transmission through bites and scratching wounds. Fortunately, there are very few cases on Bali, but everyone should keep in mind that rabies is always deadly. Even with vaccination in case of unclear bite always see a doctor.

Typhus: Transmission through contaminated food. At 70% the vaccine is successful, at 30% not. In this, as with any other diarrheal disease, is: drink as much as possible!

Malaria: transmission by mosquitoes. Bali has been free of malaria for many years. The Gili Islands, however, not! In case of high fever with suspicion of whatever you should visit a doctor anyway and not something to throw in suspicion.

Hepatitis A: transmission through contaminated food. Generally a diarrheal disease with a fairly mild course. Exception: people with a previously damaged liver.

Hepatitis B: infection via body fluids. Anyone who sees no need for this in Germany (there are many occupational groups who should have a vaccine), does not need to see them here. Hepatitis C & HIV: infection via body fluids. Protect yourself! No matter where you are in the world ...

Japanese Encephalitis: mosquito transmission. A rare form of meningitis.

Dengue fever: mosquito transmission. A vaccine does not exist so far. Important to know: in case of suspected dengue fever do not take aspirin or ibuprofen !!! Because these drugs dilute the blood, life-threatening complications can occur. So better on e.g. Resorting to acetaminophen.

Medical supplies

In the tourist centers, the supply is quite good, but still not comparable to the western standard! If you feel that your health is currently in danger, go to the hospital today rather than tomorrow.


The power grid runs here on 220V and 50Hz with the same plugs as in Europe (except of course England).

Long flight...

For the many hours, a neck pillow and cozy socks prove themselves to be a little more comfortable. On the plane it is sometimes very cold, you should think of it in your travel wardrobe! Do not forget to drink a lot and get a little exercise from time to time. And a pen helps you fill in the entry form for Indonesia 😉

Packing list

You will find that you need much less here than you think when you travel. And do not forget: just clothes and towels can be great to buy locally. And to wash clothes is not only cheap, but also fast. I've put together a list with which you can easily get along, if you do not want to do the mega trekkings. For the Ultra Backpacker could also be missing a bit ... Every piece of clothing should be light. Tight pieces and solid fabrics are not comfortable in temperature or humidity.

To dress up

  • A light sweatshirt
  • Lightweight tops / T-shirts (max 5), if necessary, replace two with dresses
  • Wide and light trousers (Max 3) Large sarong / cloth For temple visits Top with Covered ShouldersBikini / Swimwear (Max 3)
  • Underwear (Max 7)
  • Socks (Max 2)
  • Flip-Flops (Max 2)
  • Lightweight Sneakers (1 Pair)
  • Cappy / Sun Towel Bag
  • Backpack with Rain Cover or Flat Suitcase
  • Small Daypack / Bag / Belly bag


  • Sleep mask / Ear plugs
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel guides
  • Fire lamp
  • Folding knives (not in carry-on luggage!)
  • Zip up pouches to protect against rain
  • Pen & maybe a diary
  • Swimming goggles and snorkel

Toiletries bag

  • Travel pharmacy
  • tampons (can rarely be bought here)
  • Hair brush
  • Hair ties
  • Contact lenses & fluid
  • Makeup
  • Nail scissors / cutter
  • Tweezer
  • Condomes
  • Travel towel

Travel documents

  • Passport & ID (always a copy in mail account)
  • Flight ticket (is usually already in the mail account)
  • credit card (if possible one for which you do not have to pay extra), if necessary 1 x replacement, and do not forget the PIN 😉
  • TAN list / TAN Generator
  • National and international driver's license
  • 100 € Cash
  • Health insurance cover
  • Vaccination card (always have a copy in your mail account)
  • Diving license
  • Emergency telephone numbers for bank and health insurance


  • E-Reader are handy for vaccations, but a book does it of course!
  • Camera, Charger, SD-card & Battery
  • USB-Stick for securing photos
  • Mobile & Charger
  • Powerbank
  • Headphone
  • Drinking bottle (the environment!), Water you can often refill here on a gallon
  • Maybe power adapter

Other things you need, but also good to buy here

  • Toothbrush /-paste
  • Sun lotion
  • Mosquito spray
  • Raincover
  • Shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Hair mask
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Panty liners

Now you should be ready for your Bali vacation ... so there is only one left ... ANTICIPATION 😉